REGISTRATION IS ONGOING … Please call in advance to book an appointment. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the dance floor!



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Recital  2017 AND 2018 DVD can be purchased, $25.00

Photo Shoot Pictures are ready to pick up $25.00 for the Flash Drive

Anyone wishing to order both the Recital DVD and the Photo Shoot Pictures can save $5.00 ($45.00 for both)

Pre Level Princess Ballerina dance classes start  September  2018 for little dancers age 2 looking to express themselves through dance and movement. Please register by phone or email. Classes start September 11th … on TuTu Mondays. Please refer to new schedule.

Schedule Changes 

Belly Dance Classes are now Monday evenings 7:30pm

45 min class. $15 drop in or 10 classes $120.00 + tax.

Adult Le Barre ( Ballet ) new Session begins  Wednesday evenings Sept. 12, 8:30pm. 

Please call to Register 

Salsa  &  Bachata Classes Beginner Level restarts in September. 

Please call to register. 

2018 - 2019 Dance Schedule 

New  Fall Schedule   

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